Southwest Florida Dolphin & Wildlife Adventures!

Other common wildlife sightings include manatees, Everglades waterfowl, alligators, bull shark & more.*

Multiple Adventures to choose from:

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Dolphin, Manatee & 10,000 Islands Beach Eco-Tour

Tour Length: 3 Hours

Our three hour Beach Eco-Tour is fun for all ages, with no rough waters. We look for manatees, alligators, dolphins and birds of the Everglades on our way to the 10,000 Islands. Enjoy beach time and shelling on Whitehorse Key. The boat creates a wake that dolphins enjoy. The best tour for a little bit of everything!

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Dolphin, Manatee & 10,000 Islands Sunset Cruise

Tour Length: 3 Hours

The only sunset cruise in the area with a chance of seeing manatees! Enjoy looking for alligators and birds as we head through the Everglades to the 10,000 Islands to watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. The best tour for a more romantic and all inclusive experience!

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Fun Facts About Dolphins


How much does a dolphin eat?

An adult dolphin eats between 15 & 30 pounds of food each day. Bottlenose dolphins do not use their teeth to chew their food. Instead, they swallow their meal whole.


How often do dolphins give birth?

A female dolphin has a new baby every 1 to 6 years, on average, about every 3. Dolphins almost never have twins!


How many dolphins are in Florida?

It's estimated that there are approximately 10,000 bottlenose dolphins in the coastal waters around Florida, although the exact number is unknown!


How many dolphin species are there?

Dolphin and porpoise species are grouped into six families: oceanic dolphin family is by far the largest with 38 members; the porpoise family has seven members; and there are four river dolphin families, each containing just one species.

*All tours are different. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, therefore, sightings of specific wildlife cannot be guaranteed.